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Highbury Grove has been increasingly successful in the last few years and we are now rightly proud of our achievements. Last year 64% of our students achieved five or more GCSEs in English and Maths. The progress our students make from 11-16 puts us in the top 5% of schools nationally. We also have a well established and successful Sixth Form which, in terms of student progress, is in the top 25% of sixth forms nationally.

In a variety of forms, we have been educating the young people of Islington and North London for 120 years. In January 2010, we moved into our fantastic new school and are looking forward to moving on to the next stage of our educational journey. We offer all students the prospect of an exceptional educational experience and preparation for life in the 21st century in the most amazing, state of the art facilities.

Our traditional values of respect, responsibility and hard work underpin all we do. Aspirations and expectations, motivation and energy are high. This means that the school is lively, dynamic, responsive and fun. We aim for each student to be confident and independent. As they grow through the school they become individuals who respect not only themselves, but also others and the world around them.

Our curriculum is outstanding and provides a wide range of opportunities for all, both within and beyond the formal school day. Within this Music is one of the exceptional features of the school. All students have the opportunity to learn a musical instrument, and there are many musical groups including a junior and senior orchestra. Music Scholars play a central role in the life of the school.

As the Head, I am well aware of my responsibility to ensure that all students have the opportunity to grow and develop into well educated young citizens, capable of continuing their education long after they leave school and achieving success and fulfilment in life.

Our prospectus and website tell part of our story. If you would like to visit our amazing new school as a prospective parent, member of the community or an old student, please call us.


Tom Sherrington Msc